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Ko Dee Cue

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Hello, I’m Mick Grant,

I’d like to introduce you to my fishing ship the Ko Dee Cue. Pro fishing since the age of 16, I have now done 25 years at sea, working amongst various forms of professional fishing especially line fishing. Commonly known as reef fishing. I currently own and skipper a live coral trout reef fishing vessel. fishing throughout the Swains Reefs in the Southern Great Barrier Reef region, we catch coral trout in our dory’s keeping them alive in our live tanks, the dorymen use a special technique to deflate the fish’s airbag once caught so the coral trout can regain stabilisation. Ensuring the fish won’t sink or float giving them every chance to remain healthy and survive the big journey ahead to the restaurant tables of Hong Kong and Mainland China. The dorymen bring their catch of live coral trout back at lunchtime and the end of each day. The fish are unloaded to the Ko Dee Cue, putting the fish in a day tank overnight. On the following day the live coral trout are graded and put into either the main live tank if they are healthy or if the fish is sick or shows signs of stress, sickness or injury its put into what we call a hospital tank so that the fish can get time to heal before it can join the general population in the Ko Dee Cue’s main live tank. The Ko Dee Cue can hold 2000 live coral trout and on average can catch this amount within 10 to 14 days at sea. Our six dorymen who are all very experienced pro reef fisherman and also being JRFC supporters we insist on picking up plastics and floating debris we see that are polluting the reefs and the environment that we work in. The reef has to be protected from this pollution and it starts with us, we are the people who work on the frontline. As part of our working day to catch coral trout, we are on the Great Barrier Reef watching it, cleaning it, fishing it. That’s why it’s important to spread the word. “Bring back more than you take.”

We donate reef fish to JRFC every month to help support the JRFC mission to feed the people and plan for change, I urge anyone who has left over fish to donate it to JRFC as they feed the homeless and under privileged in our community.

Well thank you for your time, next month we will profile a bit more of the dorymen and crew and the Ko Dee Cue. Please remember everything you throw on the ground ends up in the sea.

Mick Grant.