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Crown of Thorns Mission

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Welcome to the JRFC website. JRFC supporters are currently making marine survey maps of Crown of Thorns Starfish (COTS) in the Southern Great Barrier Reef region. Since 2004 while diving in the Swains, we noticed concentrations of the Crown of Thorns Starfish, so we began to help in mapping and locating the COTS on the reef. It is intended that in future, JRFC supporters will be involved in the eradication and removal of COTS using the vinegar method. We currently only collect footage and data on the whereabouts and movements of these animals in the Southern Great Barrier Reef. JRFC are represented by supporters who fish for live coral trout on a daily basis on the reef, as part of their working day. This allows for up to date data and footage to be provided to JRFC to collect for studies like sustainable fishing, monitor marine life and its decline, the Crown of Thorns Starfish on the reef and the effects on climate change.

JRFC is hoping to soon acquire new Crown of Thorns Starfish applicators. To conduct these activities, our supporters have agreed that we need support from other organisations along with funding. Doing these activities requires finances, so if you want to help us and do your part – maybe you can’t get to the reef? So help us by buying JRFC merchandise or donate to the cause, so we can fund this mission into the future.

Always remember, Bring Back More Than You Take!!