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The first person we will profile is Mary Hayward of Yellow Patch.

“Hi Mary, how are you today?"


“Good Thanks. I’ve had a wonderful day”.

“There’s a story or legend of you out there amongst fishing folk, can you tell us about you, Yellow Patch, raising children and living on an island from when you first arrived there back in the 50’s”?

“Yes. I went to Yellow Patch Christmas 1955 with 2 small kids, Lance 20 months and Linda 3 months of age”.

“Did you have anywhere to live when you first arrived on the island? Or what were your living arrangements?"

“We had nothing on the shore. We had 2 dingy’s and a dory. We lived and slept in the dingy’s which we had a wagonette for a cover which is like the cover of a wagon in an old western. After a couple of months, we built a shack and began living in Yellow Patch next to the sand hill about 100 metres in the bush up from the shore”.

“How long did you live on the island for yourself?"

“I lived on the island up until 1980, then I moved back to land and my sons took over the fishing and crab camps”.

“We believe you built a few boats out there on the island by hand?"

“Yes. We built the Marlin, The Dainty Miss, The Jinx, The Lady and the Leo Lyn. All these boats were built and launched on the beaches of Yellow Patch. My family has been fishing Yellow Patch since the 1950’s and are still fishing there today, they are mostly only recreational now. Our last family member professional fishing in Yellow Patch finished in 2009”.

"Who are the people in the pictures you provided to JRFC?"

"The top picture is of myself and my son Adam Hayward in Yellow Patch catching breakfast. The middle picture is of my sons Lance and Peter Hayward as children showing off their catch for the morning. The last picture is of Uncle George Hayward crabbing in Yellow Patch. All 3 pictures from the 1960's."

“How long have you been a JRFC supporter?"

“Since 2004, I’ve been a supporter. I support JRFC and their clean up of plastics from the Southern Great Barrier Reef region, I think it is a great cause that everyone should get behind. I myself donate blankets and non perishable foods on a monthly basis and my friends and I knit socks for the children. I am proud to be a JRFC supporter so always remember "Bring back more than you take!!!”.

“Have you done anything crazy in the name of JRFC?"

“Yes. I got 2 tattoos when I was 70 years old, one on each wrist”.

“Is there anything you would like to say to the people out there?"

"Actually, yes there is. Everything you throw on the ground ends up on the reef, "Bring Back More Than You Take!!!"

"Thanks Mary for your time, hope to catch up with you soon. Thank you for your participation with JRFC”.


Hey it’s Rodzo and Racer,

We are 2 guys mad on fishing.

And mainly just mad!!

Bring Back More Than You Take!!

At the end of last year JRFC supporters did a trip with Matt Wright - Australia’s own Outback wrangler. We went to his outback floatplane fishing platforms and we fished for Barra out of floatplanes and helicopters. We went to loads of Matt’s hot spots and seen and caught dozens of Barra and seen many big crocodiles which Matt frequently feeds along the way, ranging from eggs to giants. Matt, Jonno and Seb all had extraordinary relationships with these animals. If any JRFC supporters or general public ever get the chance while in Darwin, if you want the real genuine NT experience these guys are the one!



Fishing on land or at sea, Rodzo and Racer tear it up with no fear shown towards their fishing efforts. While both being wheelchair state and national basketball champions fishing is the past time of leisure they prefer. They also donate fish to JRFC feed the people every month and they attend feed the people and river clean events. Nothing is too hard for these guys, over the next few months you will witness them put together Racer’s boat and trailer for their future of wheelchair bound fishing efforts so they can reach off shore destinations that wheelchair bound fisherman don't get regular access to, they will be taking other disabled people with them to places such as Heron reef, Wistari reefs. Rodzo and Racer have fished all over Northern Australian and will bring you heaps of adventures in this next month.

"Bring Back More Than You Take!!!"



Hi I’m Tim a JRFC supporter,

I enjoy catching fish from my kayak and camping with my family. I take me mate Uncle Rob with me on fishing trips, we fish from tinny’s & kayak’s. We do ok for ourselves, and the family love the space and activities of camping away. We have a camper big enough for my small family and we can fit in almost anywhere which is good for the fishing. Once a month we have a camping trip attended by JRFC supporters which we will bring news and dates for the future events and adventures. Next month we will bring you an adventure from the Keppel’s, so be sure to keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, here are some tricks and tips for camping with kids to make it more enjoyable for the whole family..

  • Glow sticks are the best way to keep track of your kids and pets at night time while camping.

  • Baby wipes are a great way to keep dirty hands and feet out of your tent.

  • Hand sanitiser is always useful, especially for food preparation.

  • Put your camping gear in see through storage containers to help keep your camp site organised.

  • Invest in a tent with dark room technology, it's better to keep the tent dark so the kids don't wake up with the sun as we all know tired kids can be a challenge.

  • Encourage your children to help setup the camp site, this gives your kids an idea on how to safely setup a camp site.

  • Headlamps are a great and affordable way to ensure everyone has their own light for night time activities.

  • Attach a whistle to your children incase they get lost or left behind they can signal for help, especially at night time.

  • Always wash salt water off and sand before going to bed to prevent outbreaks of rashes or common skin ailments.

Everyone make sure if you have left over fish from your family camping expeditions to donate it to JRFC Feed the People which I do as this a great cause for our community.

From all of us stay safe, have fun, fish hard

Bring back more than you take!!




Hi welcome to Pete's Pirate Galley on the JRFC supporters website. I have been a sous chef in Restaurants and hotels across the country for the last 5 years. I am presently working at the Heritage Hotel in Rockhampton. I am a dedicated fisherman, my main interests are fishing for a barra, crabbing and spear fishing. Next month Ill bring you a seafood recipe that will be sure to get your tastebuds going. Every month I will bring you new recipes to try and also if you have recipes that you would like us to try, by all means send them in to jollyrogersfishingclub@gmail.com

If you are in Rockhampton remember to come down to the Heritage Hotel for a first class meal in a family friendly environment with a spectacular view of our Fitzroy River.

For this month which is a quick hello and to introduce myself, I’ll leave you with a simple beer batter recipe for your fish.

Beer Batter Recipe

1 x bottle of beer (375ml)

1 ½ cups of flour

1 pinch of salt

Mix it all together, but you don’t want to over mix the batter – a few lumps is fine

Rest in the fridge for 20 minutes

Lightly flour fish before adding batter and cook at 180 degrees

If you’re cooking chips with your fish the chips are best cooked at 200 degrees

Also, please be sure to make donations of non perishable food or blankets to JRFC Feed the People and Plan for Change. My young family and I donate to the JRFC Feed the People as often as we can, there is so much more to this club than just picking up plastic we are so proud to be apart of this community.

Have fun with this and remember, "Bring Back More Than You Take!!!"




Freja Lawton's Plan For Change

As a 8 year old from the Ghungalu Bidjara Nation but living in the Rockhampton region, Freja Lawton approached her great grandmother Margi Lawton about her idea to help people in need. Freja lead the way with dedication and commitment. Sometimes preparing meals including cooking and packaging with at least 90% of the preparation completed by Freja herself. What a job, what a young lady and such a huge task at hand. JRFC also supply clothes and blankets to the homeless with JRFC giving out over 200 blankets to the homeless this winter in the CQ region. If you're interested in helping or donating, keep posted to JRFC Kids or Freja Lawton's "Plan For Change" on Facebook or email us at jollyrogersfishingclub@gmail.com

Everything you throw in the gutter ends up in the river, so always remember "Bring Back More Than You Take!!!"

JRFC Feed the People is an initiative of JRFC and JRFC Kids

JRFC Feed the People

Once per month, JRFC conducts a sausage sizzle/barbecue on the banks of the Fitzroy River to support the local homeless community, the population of which is predominantly indigenous Australians.
JRFC solicits food donations from local butchers and bakers to enable this outreach to occur.
At the time of writing, JRFC had distributed over 180 blankets to local homeless individuals during the 2018 calendar year.
These outreaches are also used as an opportunity to educate people on the importance of litter removal, and personal responsibility for picking up and removing plastics and other harmful litter.

JRFC River Clean

Starting River Clean in 2017, JRFC has been involved in helping clean plastics and floating debris as well as fishing equipment left by anglers. JRFC supporters donate time, fuel and effort for this massive task and on a weekly basis can have from one to five boats in the river cleaning rubbish. If you feel that you would like to get involved, please email us at jollyrogersfishingclub@gmail.com. All JRFC supporters are volunteers who donate their time and effort towards a cleaner, healthier and sustainable environment for everyone to enjoy, as the ocean and its estuaries are a common resource that everyone has the right to be a part of. So please remember people, everything you throw in the gutter ends up in the river.

Bring back more than you take!