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Formed at a funeral in 2004, the Jolly Rogers Fishing Club had three founding members. Two were brothers from a fishing family of Yellow Patch, Curtis Island who were live trout fisherman and the other, a Head Chef from the best steak house in town.


The three created the Jolly Rogers Fishing Club so that when they would catch up, they would have to go fishing. Over time more people would become involved with JRFC and as they went fishing on shore and off shore they began to pick up more plastic than they took. For many years, JRFC has had barbeque events to raise money for the JRFC Save the Reef and Feed the People missions as well as JRFC river clean. In 2018 JRFC became a not-for-profit organisation, with the intent of becoming a charity to accommodate the charitable purposes JRFC already undertake. Every month JRFC host feed the people and support the JRFC kids Freja Lawton's "Plan For Change" which provides food, blankets and clothing to our homeless community. JRFC River clean is weekly task set and carried out by JRFC to clean the Fitzroy River and to help clean up the Fitzroy River Basin by collecting rubbish and floating debris and discarded fishing equipment. These events are held to bring people together, to promote education and awareness and to hopefully inspire people to make sure they pick up their own rubbish or any litter they see.

Every piece of rubbish you throw in the gutter ends up at the reef.


"Bring back more than you take!!"


To clear plastic and rubbish debris from our Great Barrier Reef, to sustain it's pristine and vital ecosystems for future generations.



To educate and inspire people who use our estuaries, waterways and reefs to bring back one more piece of plastic then they took because it all starts with us as individuals.

If JRFC can inspire everybody to bring back one more piece of plastic or rubbish then what they take, we as a planet have a start.



JRFC’s core charitable purpose is providing education and direct action to protect, preserve, and restore  the Great Barrier Reef.

The activities proposed to be undertaken by JRFC in fulfilling this charitable mission are broken down into four distinct focus areas:
1. Environment Clean-Up Operations 2. Crown of Thorn Starfish Research and Eradication 3. Education 4. Community Outreach

1. Environment Clean Up Operations
1.1 Great Barrier Reef Rubbish Collection

Presently, the founders, key leaders, and supporters of JRFC undertake extensive rubbish collection on the Great Barrier Reef at their own initiative.
At the time of writing this report, JRFC supporters had collected 62 wheelie bins worth of rubbish in the 2018 calendar year alone, 55 being from the Southern Great Barrier Reef region.
The incorporation of this activity formalises JRFC’s commitment to cleaning up the reef through the removal of garbage, and to expand this operation.

1.2 Fitzroy River Rubbish Collection Clean Up
In addition to its rubbish collection on the Great Barrier Reef, JRFC currently undertakes garbage removal on the Fitzroy River.
Every week, JRFC members patrol the river in a dingy, collecting plastics and other floating debris and removing them from the river system. JRFC supporters have collected 7 wheelie bins worth of rubbish and other floating debris since June 2018.

2. Crown of Thorns Starfish (COTS) Research and Eradication
Crown-of-thorns starfish (also known as COTS) are marine invertebrates that feed on coral. They occur naturally on reefs throughout the Indo-Pacific region, and when conditions are right, they can reach plague proportions and devastate hard coral communities.
Crown of Thorns Starfish are a threat to the health of the Great Barrier Reef, and JRFC is committed to contributing to research, control, management and in future the eradication of the species.

2.1 Eradication of Crown of Thorns Starfish
JRFC directly engages in the identification of COTS outbreaks. JRFC intend in the future, to help with eradication of COTS. JRFC personnel intend to undertake diving missions on the reef in order to kill COTS using methods which eradicate the COTS without harming the reef or its other inhabitants.
JRFC plan to have a scientific research dory used by a diver and observer when undertaking COTS research and eradication duties.

2.2 Document and Map Crown of Thorns Starfish
JRFC maps and documents the population and outbreaks of COTS.
Maps and documentation are shared with other organisations, such as the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GRBMPA).

2.3 Real-Time Data and Information on Crown of Thorns Starfish
JRFC uses scientific methodology to obtain real-time data on the COTS population on the Great Barrier Reef.
This real-time data and associated information is also shared with other research organisations, such as GRBMPA and JCU, in order to further improve the control and eradication of COTS populations.

3. Education
3.1 Education of Fishermen

JRFC works with commercial and recreational fishers to educate them on the various species of fish in the Great Barrier Reef and Fitzroy River ecosystems.
This education empowers the fishers to know what role each species plays in the ecosystem, the benefit and harm of various species, and what species fishers should always return to the water when caught.
JRFC has extensive knowledge of the legality of fishing activities, recreational and commercial, and shares its understanding through these educational endeavours.

3.2 Children’s Educational Programs
JRFC's intention is to work with programs, such as Reef Guardian, to develop and deliver educational programs to be rolled out and delivered in schools.

3.3 Children’s Educational Books
JRFC intends to works with programs, such as Reef Guardian, to produce educational books and similar resources, which can be rolled out in schools and through other channels to provide contextualized education to children on issues affecting the Great Barrier Reef.

3.4 Pop-Up Education Stall
JRFC operates a pop up Great Barrier Reef educational stall, which is taken to and operated at various community events throughout the year to raise awareness and public education of issues affecting the Great Barrier Reef.

4. Community Outreach
4.1 Feeding the Homeless

Once per month, JRFC conducts a sausage sizzle/barbecue on the banks of the Fitzroy River to support the local homeless community, the population of which is predominantly indigenous Australians.
JRFC solicits food donations from local butchers and bakers to enable this outreach to occur.
At the time of writing, JRFC had distributed over 180 blankets to local homeless individuals during the 2018 calendar year.
These outreaches are also used as an opportunity to educate people on the importance of litter removal, and personal responsibility for picking up and removing plastics and other harmful litter.

4.2 Family Day
JRFC conducts four family days per annum.
These family days engage the supporter base of JRFC and other community members through a BBQ and other activities.
Family days build connection among the supporters of JRFC, provide opportunities for Management to share updates with other supporters, and to engage with the local community.



JRFC Pty Ltd makes a vital contribution to the protection and preservation of the Great Barrier Reef.


JRFC’s activities are all of a charitable nature and purpose, and that the organisation is solely committed to the betterment of the Great Barrier Reef, as well as improving the lives of local indigenous peoples, many of whom share deep cultural ties to the Reef and Rivers.


Jolly Rogers Fishing Club

Hello and welcome to the official JRFC website. JRFC was born in 2004. We are supported by both recreational and commercial fishing communities who currently fish our waters from the rivers to the reef. JRFC supporters reported on the amount of debris and plastics on our coast lines and reefs they encountered while fishing and JRFC decided to make a vow to pick up the pieces of plastic and debris. We have collected over 60 JRFC wheelie bins full of rubbish from the local reefs and waterways.

In the future I will keep you informed on our JRFC Crown of Thorn Starfish mission which is to help keep the reef healthy for sustainable fishing and tourism. We do this to ensure its natural beauty is preserved for generations to come.

Bring back more than you take!

President Neill Xxavier